SMH COVID-19 Operational Plan

Sussex Minor Hockey is committed to ensuring a safe and successful return to Hockey for all hockey players, coaches, and volunteers in Sussex. With the Town of Sussex 8th Hussars Sports Center Operational Plan in place, as well as the Hockey NB Return to Play guidelines, we have drafted our own COVID-19 Operational Plan. Phase 1 of the HNB Return to Play guidelines starts with our first ice sessions on Thursday, September 24th, and will continue until October 7th, at which time, we are expected to be able to enter Phase 2. Some of the restrictions that have been put into place for Phase 1 are as follows:

  • No more than 25 skaters and 4 coaches on the ice at any time.

  • No games.

  • No contact.

  • All skaters and coaches are to arrive at the arena 15 minutes before your ice time, dressed and ready to get on the ice, with the exception of skates.

  • A changing area and viewing section will be designated for the players ice times. Everyone is expected to use the assigned area for players to put on their remaining gear, and for family members viewing.

  • No food or drinks allowed in the arena, with the exception of water for the coaches and players.

  • All visitors to the 8th Hussars Sports Center are to enter the building via the doors at the front of the building. Each changing area / view section has an assigned exit, identified in the Operational Plan.

  • No visitors are permitted to wait in the lobby area for players. Once ice time has ended, all participants in that ice time are expected to exit the arena immediately.

  • Use of a face mask is required if physical distancing is not possible. It is recommended that all visitors to the 8th Hussars Sports Center bring a mask.



As pointed out, the restriction for the number of skaters on the ice is 25. This means that our Conditioning Clinic is therefor limited to a maximum of 25 skaters for each division. We will not be accepting registrations at the door, and players must show up for their scheduled ice times. Every participant in the clinic must check-in prior to their ice times. The Return to Play groups mentioned on the SMH website have no bearing or connection to the Clinic being held on Saturday, September 26th.



Every player registered in Sussex Minor Hockey is assigned a group for the duration of Phase 1. When we enter Phase 2, tryouts will begin, and players can then start practicing with their teams. If your child is on a waiting list, this does not mean they can not participate in the Phase 1 ice times. Everyone can participate.

We understand that some of this can be frustrating, but we are here to help. Our highest priority is ensuring that Sussex and area hockey players have a successful return to the ice. Please reach out to a member of the Sussex Minor Hockey board of directors if you have questions or concerns.

Terry Soucy - Sussex Minor Hockey Communications Officer



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