Updates to the 8th Hussars Operational Plan

The Town of Sussex has released updates to their 8th Hussars COVID-19 Operational Plan, changing some guidelines that positively impact everyone who uses the arena.

Here are the key updates that are effective immediately.

Arrival Time

Players are now permitted to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled ice time. Players are still expected to arrive dressed appropriately, as they will still only have a maximum of 15 minutes after their ice time to take off their skates and exit the building.

If parents / guardians / spectators enter the building with the players, they must sit in the appropriate colour-coded bleacher section for their scheduled ice time, and not the section in use by the current ice user.


Masked spectators / guardians must observe a 1m physical distance in the colour-coded bleacher section that matches their respective team colour assignment.

Masks are still required to be worn by everyone inside the arena.

Food and Beverages

No food & beverage is to be brought into the main arena, with the exception of water for the participants and there will be no sharing of water containers. The vending area in the building will not be providing food or beverages until further notice.

There are a few other changes, but mostly around the teams and on-ice play. The coaches, managers, and team liaisons will be updated about this shortly.

We really appreciate everyone's cooperation. The arena staff have called out Sussex Minor Hockey volunteers, players, and parents as setting an excellent example with our contact tracing, arrivals, cooperation, and patience. As we enter phase 3 of Return to Hockey, we must continue to follow the guidelines to ensure a successful season.

Games start this week. Best of luck to all teams.

Terry Soucy - Communications Officer

Sussex Minor Hockey



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